New Yorkers – Upgrade Your Radar Detectors

Earlier this year I upgraded my Valentine One radar detector – and I’m so glad I did… We went up to Toronto for the holidays and every cop I came across was using Ka band radar, which older radar detectors don’t detect (they typically just do X band and K band). It’s something I had noticed once back in September or October around the Yonkers/New York City border, but we came across nearly a dozen New York State cops on this trip and in every case it was Ka band radar. Curiously, in some cases there were two bogeys meaning the radar detector is sending out two radar signals, and in one case there was laser on top of that. Sothe NY cops appear to be using a really good radar gun with all the bells and whistles…

In other words, if you’re traveling through New York and don’t have a radar detector that detects Ka band radar – you’re dead meat if you like to drive as fast as I do… And I should mention our Valentine One did really well – I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good radar detector.

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