Rough Morning – Car Got Broken Into

This morning I went to get the car so we could go down and meet our architect and I discovered that the window had been smashed overnight.

broken window

It was even parked on a good block – Fort Washington Avenue just south of 190th. To say the least, it’s sort a irritating – broken glass gets EVERYWHERE.

broken glass

They rifled through the compartment between the seats, but I had taken the iPod out months ago to put a new selection of songs on it and hadn’t put it back. They also got into the glove compartment and stole my Valentine One radar detector. The radar detector will cost about $400 to replace and the window looks like it will be about $350.

I just changed insurance companies and I’m not sure if I have full glass coverage. I’ll call the agent on Monday morning and figure things out. It’s just such a hassle…

One thought on “Rough Morning – Car Got Broken Into

  1. Jay, I know the feeling all too well. Our house was burgled 3 weeks ago. They smashed in through the patio doors. Still finding glass everywhere, even in the bedroom which is 2 rooms away from the point of entry. Hope you get it sorted quickly.

    Cheers, Dean

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