Funny Real Estate Story

My mother-in-law was trying to sell her house in Toronto earlier this year (it’s currently off the market). She’s Catholic and she heard that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph in your yard, your house will sell. So she went to the local Catholic paraphernalia store (or whatever they call it) and asked for a statue of St. Joseph. They asked her what kind she’d like and she said whatever was least expensive since she was just going to bury it in her yard. The store clerk indicated this was pretty common and got her the statue.

She goes home and buries the statue in the front garden and the next day the house next to her sells. She’s thinking, “wow, this really works but I had St. Joseph’s back to that house, so I should reposition it so St. Joseph’s back is to my house”. She re-buries the statue and a week later the house across the street from her sells.

She still hasn’t sold her house, but St. Joseph is 2 for 2… Maybe she should get a neighbor to bury the statue for her next time.

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