A Taste Of What’s To Come

It’s been a mildly frustrating week this week. Things we hoped would get done before freezing weather set in are still pending – work on the fa├žade and electric/gas/heat – but those are what they are – it’ll get done eventually…

Last night we took a moment to just enjoy the house. Dan has been wanting to burn one of those fire logs to test out the fireplace. It was good we did – ’cause I took a close look at the damper and realized something was wrong and it’s unable to close. But once the fire got going we sat around in the cold with a friend and drank beer & bourbon and enjoyed the fire. It was great…

Fire burning in our fireplaceAt one point we had two fireplaces planned, then one got cut to help with the budget. I’m really glad we have at least one fireplace. It’s wonderful just sitting there watching a fire – very peaceful.

Work on the front doors we got from the salvage yard is also going really well. The guy working on them has them looking like new – it’s really pretty incredible.

3 thoughts on “A Taste Of What’s To Come

  1. This is, indeed, becoming seriously uncanny. We just arrived from our house under renovation – after the first nice evening by the fire! No fireplace, though – only a nice wood-burning stove with a large glass window.
    (I do not consider the Ikea kitchen a coincidence … only evidence for a sad loss of global diversity. However, I do agree that the Nexus cabinets look much better on paper than in reality – we initially thought of it, too, but only until we saw it in the store . )

  2. I didn’t realize that you get a tan from sitting in front of a fire? Both Jay and I are pinkfaced from sitting in front of the fireplace nonstop the past few days!

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