Our Cornice Is Now Restored

While it’s been a rough week with the two robberies and having to sleep at the house in the freezing cold to prevent more robberies, one thing did get completed this week and it looks great – the cornice.

Restored cornice on Harlem brownstone

As you can see, we went with black. Also, the portion of the top floor to the right has been painted – that’s the final version – it looks good, and the color Dan picked goes well with the window color. But we need to get the Bird-X spikes up there quickly before it’s covered in bird droppings.

It wasn’t easy for the guys to fix the cornice. Everything they touched just seemed to disintegrate when the touched it. Here’s what it looked like before…

Crumbling cornice on Harlem TownhouseIn the end it doesn’t look new – there are imperfections in it. But we like the imperfections – it looks like an original cornice that’s in decent shape, which is exactly how it should look…

There’s warm weather this coming week, so hopefully the fa├žade will get done in the next few days. The stoop is getting a scratch and resurface rather than a painting. I think the goal is to get the scratch coat on this week.


Dan pointed out to me that the cornice isn’t actually black – it’s a dark bronze color that’s so dark it’s almost black. Here you can see it in comparison to the true black cornice two doors down.

cornicesI sorta like the almost black, but not quite, quality of it. You can see the difference a bit better in person – but even then it can fool you, like it did me the first time I saw it.

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