Manhattan Mini Storage Sends The 3 Stooges To Move Us

We should have known better… You get what you pay for and Manhattan Mini Storage‘s “free move” probably should have raised alarm bells, but we signed up for the free move anyway.

So these three guys show up. Manhattan Mini Storage had hired Moving Ahead for the job and it was obvious that Moving Ahead had sent their absolute worst team to do the move. It’s probably an instance of Manhattan Mini Storage buying the excess time of various moving companies and then the moving companies filling the order with the moving teams that are at the bottom of their list to send out on “real” jobs.

So these three guys show up. The leader was talking about how he’d been up until like 2am the night before. The fat guy on the team managed to rotate every box he picked up 90 degrees and then he’d drop it on the moving dolly. He was too lazy to do the bending required to set it down properly. They took out a bunch of boxes and Dan went outside to watch over them. I’m not exactly sure what he saw, but he had a bad enough reaction watching them that he called me. I was sitting in a chair exhausted praying we wouldn’t completely regret the move. As soon as he started with his misgivings I interrupted them and said I didn’t want them touching our stuff either and to stop them. Well, Dan is a feisty little thing when he gets mad and apparently he totally went off on them and everything ground to a halt.

I was already on my way down and then we had to get everything off the street and into the courtyard of our building to get the moving dollies back to the idiots doing the move. It was a huge amount of work on a morning that started with me waking up completely exhausted – so sorta a complete nightmare.

The team leader tried to justify their actions by saying he didn’t have any problems when he moved an art collection that one time. I told him Dan had run an art trucking company at one point and understood how to do moves properly. Then he went on about how he’s done moves for millionaires and not had a problem. There were a number of problems with that statement so I didn’t bother responding. But honestly, he should treat everyone like a millionaire and who was he to assume we weren’t millionaires? Plus, the one other time I heard a line like that was when a contractor was trying to justify putting greenboard in a shower by saying he’d done it in “million dollar homes”. People just don’t have a clue sometimes.

Needless to say I wanted nothing to do with Manhattan Mini Storage or Moving Ahead ever again. In fact, if it weren’t going to cost an arm and a leg I sorta wished we could get the stuff we have in storage with Manhattan Mini Storage out and to a different facility. In the end we’re going with Manor Moving who are recommended by our real estate agents and a neighbor. They’re going to pull everything from our place and Manhattan Mini Storage and put it in their warehouse. Their sales tactics are a little heavy handed for my tastes, but given their recommendations, I trust them a lot more than Manhattan Mini Storage.

And honestly, I should have known better about Manhattan Mini Storage was well. Last fall one of their owners was instrumental in having Animal Haven shut down two of their three locations which completely changed Animal Haven’s mission from animal rescue to a SoHo boutique pet store with a few “adoptable” animals available. The Manhattan Mini Storage person was on the board and one of the strongest advocates of the change (half the board resigned in protest over the change). That decision resulted in the killing of something like 50 or 60 cats and dogs many of whom were unadoptable and who Animal Haven donors had gladly supported for many years. In fact, the upstate sanctuary for unadoptable animals brought in more money than it cost to run – so there was no good reason to close it and sell when real estate prices were low.

On a more positive note, I’ll say Shleppers did our main move to our new apartment and they were wonderful. I’d highly recommend them.

I just want all this moving and selling stuff to be over. But it’s only the beginning… Hopefully soon we’ll find a townhouse in Harlem and then we’ve got a major renovation to do. Needless to say, a good contractor will be absolutely critical. And next move I’m hiring someone to do packing and starting the packing early. Unfortunately our personal assistant quit a month ago or so and we’ve been on our own through this whole ordeal.


First, we had a very good move with Manor Moving. Given that we were in a rush they didn’t really understand how much they were moving and putting in storage they under bid the job. They could have messed with us once things were on the truck, but they were completely fair.

Second, Dan finally got to talk to Manhattan Mini Storage and they were really good about the situation. By that time we’d already moved everything out but they offered 8 months free on our current storage unit which was extremely generous and will actually come in handy since we’re short on closet space in our interim rental. So while I still have issues with their involvement in Animal Haven, they did handle the situation as well as they could. The fault then really lies with the movers – Moving Ahead – not so much with Manhattan Mini Storage.

One thought on “Manhattan Mini Storage Sends The 3 Stooges To Move Us

  1. In the Stooges films,the tip off that things wouldn’t go so well was when one of the Stooges said, “Don’t worry,when we get done-you won’t recognize the place!” Or, “We always do it right-the second time!” Too bad these guys didn’t extend you the same courtesy. I’m afraid that Stooges like the ones you describe are commonplace.My wife and I recently purchased a bed that didn’t arrive until two weeks after the delivery date. The clincher was that the store is two blocks from our house! Hey,maybe the real Three Stooges would be preferable! Hey Moe,hey Larry,Hey Curly!

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