Exodus Co-Founder “Knew It Wasn’t True”

In case you’ve ever wondered about all those “ex-gay” groups, the biggest of them is Exodus, and it’s co-founder says “Deep down he knew it wasn’t true”… In the interview shown below he says essentially that Exodus is about repressing feelings. “Reparative therapy” doesn’t mean you stop being gay, it means you just repress the feelings and become asexual or focus on any heterosexual feelings you might have if your bisexual.

When I was getting my high blood pressure figured out I went to a hypertension specialist and he felt there’s a good chance I’m hypertensive because I was gay and grew up in a fundamentalist environment. Repressing who you are is not healthy, it’s not “therapy”, and it can lead to serious health problems.

So if one of the guys who started it thinks programs like Exodus are all smoke and mirrors, that sorta deflates their claims pretty effectively. Wherever it comes from, if you’re gay, you’re gay… Accept it and move on…

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