Politicians Aren’t Priests

I don’t get the whole “Weinergate” thing… I mean we don’t elect the guys to be our priests. We elect them to represent us on political matters. From what I saw Anthony Weiner did a great job representing his constituents. So what’s the problem? The only thing you can say against him is that his personal life was a distraction, but it was only a distraction because people made a big deal of it.

anthony weiner chest

Yeah, (unless he and his wife had an open relationship) chasing skirt less than a year after he got married makes him a bit of a schmuck, but if we took all the schmucks out of Congress there wouldn’t be many people left there to get stuff done.

The only person who should really care about what he did is his wife. It’s not really anyone else’s business.

(BTW – nice chest!)

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