Applebee’s Relies On Fake Customers

Dan and I were in the Bronx today over at Gateway Plaza and we saw the most bizarre thing – Applebee’s had FAKE customers sitting at the tables by the window…

Applebees customers

That’s right, they took their prime real estate – the window seats – and put a bunch of mannequins in chairs sitting at tables “having a good time”. It was just bizarre. Here is a close up of three of the Applebee’s “customers”…

3 mannequin 'customers' at Applebee's

That’s just sorta sad, and kinda disturbing/freaky…

One thought on “Applebee’s Relies On Fake Customers

  1. In this economy, I’d believe anything! Coincidentally, I just read a brief blurb in the 8/13/12 Time Magazine issue also about Applebees selling mannequins to put at your desk chair to fake out your boss so you could sneak out to go to Applebees!
    Desperate times-desperate measures!

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