I Got To Clean My Own Car

It may seem odd to people who live outside New York, but New Yorkers don’t really get to wash their own cars. We live in apartment buildings and there’s no hoses or extension cords to do the job with. And real estate is too expensive for those high pressure spray self-service car washes you see in other places.

So as odd as it sounds I’ve really been looking forward to washing my own car. But parking is such that it’s hard to find a time get the spot directly in front of the house. So Friday I queued up during alternate side parking and got the spot in front of the house and spent the rest of the morning washing the car.

Turns out I was missing wax – so that didn’t get done, but the car looked much better after I was done…

'08 VW R32 getting cleaned outside a Harlem brownstone

Most people have no clue what kind of car I have. Most think it’s a VW GTI, which is close, but not right. It’s a 2008 VW R32 which I picked up from the dealer almost exactly 5 years ago (I special ordered and it was one of the first to arrive for that model year – got to the dealer in late July ’07 and I picked it up the first week of August). It’s only got 28,400 miles on it which is pretty low for a 5 year old car – less than 6,000 miles/year…

The one person who did recognize it as an R32 was the UPS guy. He didn’t even need to see the R32 badge – he could tell from the tailpipes. Like most people who are car guys – he stood around and asked a bunch of questions for a while…

So while I got all wet and sweaty washing and vacuuming the car, it was fun – a bit of downwind sailing after a lot of beating upwind… 😉

3 thoughts on “I Got To Clean My Own Car

  1. The car looks great sitting in front of the finished house. What an amazing sense of accomplishment. It’s nice to see you guys finally settling in and enjoying the new place.

  2. Hello!!!! Please come back online, we need data! Whole Foods opening up just around the corner from you! Please crack the numbers, or crunch them or whatever, but what will that do to property values? Where are property values now, can one even buy a shell for less than 900k? How have things changed since you bought your shell? How have things changed since you finished your renovations months ago!!!!! Please come back and tell us everything!!!!!

  3. WF will help with home values, as it adds more credibility to the area for outsiders. 125th seems very hit right now – Tons of construction, including some that will be higher end residential. I have heard there could be condos / hotel above WF and TBCF. This would have a massive impact to the mix and density of the area.

    It looks like they are breaking ground on condos at 116/7 just off Lenox. Again, a big plus.

    I see prices stable and close to all-time highs. However, still lots of unrealistic sellers.

    I noticed 30 west 120 come back to market after selling last year and a big price. Anyone know the story there?

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