Not So Glamorous Pics Of Our Townhouse

Dan took a few more pictures yesterday when we were at the house. There are beautiful aspects to the place, but with all the melting snow somehow the sewer had backed up into the house and it smelled of shit yesterday. It’s completely fixable, but not so inspiring…

Here’s one picture looking back to front in the cellar…

Run down cellar in a townhouse shell

And we climbed up a ladder, through some rickety floor joists and into the back yard for the first time. It was pretty much what we could see from 122nd Street though we saw the bottom floor for the first time. I can’t believe some moron cut a huge hole in the brick wall to put an air conditioner in. There isn’t even a steel lintel to hold up the weight of the brick above. Needless to say that’s gotta be patched. And there’s about 1 foot of construction debris all over the back yard which will need to be removed. Unfortunately masonry debris tends to be basic and plants like acidic soil, so once that’s out and cleaned up we’ll need to bring in a lot of fresh topsoil and wood chips to get the soil back to being acidic. There was very nice light in the back yard – quite sunny…

Back yard at a Harlem townhouse shell

The yard felt a little narrower than I was hoping for, but I’m still going to be very happy to have a back yard. Just need a good privacy fence… I haven’t been able to really garden in over 20 years… Should be fun!

One thing that doesn’t look so glamorous now but will be glamorous in the future is the size of the windows. Just on the ground floor (in the future basement rental unit) that window is nearly 7 feet tall. One floor up, on the parlor floor (in our future living room) those are 8 foot windows (One will become a door). And one more level up on the master/mistress level, in what will be our master bedroom, there are 7 1/2 foot high windows. That’s the south wall, so we’re going to have a crazy amount of light… Possibly too much light.

Huge windows on a townhouse shell in Harlem

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