Houses And Creative Imagination

We’re in the process of buying a townhouse. I’ll have more about that in a few days. But we’ve been going over plans and thinking a lot about staircases. I found an excellent site a while back called Stair Porn (definitely SAFE for work), which has been a great help and inspiration, but then I came across this image in Google Images and it made me think back to my childhood…

Spiral Stair Slide

Children have wonderfully creative minds and I can just see me envisioning a stair case / slide combo like that as a kid and thinking it would be great fun. One vivid memory from when I was young was wanting a place that was a big empty loft that was so big I could roller skate around in it.

Times change, needs change, and practicalities rear their ugly heads. But part of me thinks that a combo spiral staircase and slide would make a great fire escape on the back of a townhouse 🙂  But then I worry about what it would cost and the budget…

[The chevron pattern you see in the wood floor in that picture is another detail we’ve been thinking about incorporating. So there’s more in that photo than you might think.]

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