The New VW Beetle Is HOT!

My first car was a rusted out, bright yellow 1973 Super Beetle that my parents bought for me from my brother-in-law. Even when I floored it I couldn’t get it over 60 mph. Going downhill flooring it I might be able to get it to 65. Here’s a pic of a similar car (with much less rust)…

1973 VW Super Beetle - Yellow

It was a good, dependable car and was one of the reasons why I later fell in love with VWs.

Then in the late ’90s VW brought back a redesigned Beetle, but it just wasn’t the Bug everyone loved – it was very watered down – sorta neutered and feminine…

Late '90s VW Beetle

Well, VW is finally fixing that mistake – there’s a new Beetle coming out and it looks hot!

2012 VW Beetle

That’s a hot, sexy car… Dan heard on some news program that said VW thought the previous design attracted too many women – guys (like me) just couldn’t envision themselves in it. So this Beetle is aimed at men, not women – and it shows. It’s a fun, sporty car. Just put a more pastel color on it and it should attract women as well.

Bravo VW!

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