Pleasant Suprise – Bigger Rooms

The past few days we’ve been doing measurements and oddly the building seems to be bigger inside than we were expecting. Since we never could get much above the cellar (which has thicker walls) we didn’t have very precise measurements of the upper floors. Now that we’re actually up in the building we’re finding that the rooms in the front will be about a foot longer than expected, and the ones in the back will be about a foot and a half longer than expected. On top of that everything is about a 1/2 foot wider than the architect was assuming it would be, so we get more space in that direction as well.

When I met Dan I was living in a 350 square foot 5th floor walk-up in Hell’s kitchen (it got really crowded when he moved in with me and my dog). Now our master bedroom and master bath will total 378+/- sq. ft. – bigger than my entire apartment back then, though it”s still a walk-up – of a different sort 🙂

Speaking of the master bedroom here’s a picture of the 3rd floor in our unit looking toward the rear into what will be the master bedroom…

looking towards the master bedroom in townhouse under construction

We measured and we’ll have about 9 foot ceilings on this floor, which will be nice. The ceilings on the parlor floor are about 10′ 5″ – and I’ve forgotten to measure the floor in between – that one should be around 9′ 5″ or 10′ since floor height gets shorter as you go up in townhouses.

And here’s the layout for the floor (with original dimensions). Now it seems the master bedroom will be more like 13.5 x 20 – so about 270 sq. ft. I guess we could make the bathroom a little bigger if we wanted to, but I don’t really see how another 6 inches or a foot will make that big of a difference.

3rd floor of Harlem townhouse with master bedroom

The front “bedroom” will actually be used as a den – that’s where we’ll have our one TV. It will have clerestory windows over the closet to get light in from the bulkhead – should be nice.

The view from the master bedroom isn’t all that inspiring… But hey, you can’t have everything 🙂

View from master bedroom in Harlem townhouse

I can’t wait to see the view from the roof. I’m hoping that building behind us doesn’t block the view of midtown that we’ve seen from the apartment building next door.

Just one more floor and a roof to go and all the structural will pretty much be done!

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