Stripping Old Doors Surprisingly Simple

A number of things have been going on recently… The windows should all be installed by the end of the week. The electrician is fixing things up in preparation for closing up the walls, etc. But the new and interesting thing is that work on restoring the old doors we bought from Demolition Depot is starting – and the process of stripping off 130 years of paint was surprisingly easy.

Yesterday the guy put on a thick paste (Peel Away brand) and then covered it with plastic…

Putting on a thick paste to remove paint from old doorsToday he took off the plastic and was able to remove all the old paint in one fell swoop. It was basically just a mush that came right off without much of a problem…

Old doors after one pass at stripping 130 years of paintI think they look great for just one pass at getting rid of paint. Looks like they’re probably mahogany, which is cool. They’ll need a bunch of patchwork, so a simple stain is out of the question. Looks like we’ll use a “solid stain” – whatever that means. Dan’s picking the color – we’ll probably make them a dark dark brown – almost black. Though we’re also contemplating having them be black.

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