FINALLY, We Get To Start Construction

After over two and half months trying to get a stop work order lifted, it’s finally gone and we can start. The construction fence will go up tomorrow. Things are already in progress with ConEd, etc.

It’s all falling into place at the right time. All the paperwork is done for the rehab loan and it’s fully approved. We should close that Thursday or Friday (or maybe Monday).

If we can keep DOB happy and out of our hair things should go well. I’m sure the process will be a crazy one, but other than DOB, it should be good kind of crazy.

2 thoughts on “FINALLY, We Get To Start Construction

  1. Congratulations! After following all of the ups and downs I’m glad you’re able to move on to the next step. Please continue posting stories and photos. I’m totally fascinated with your story.

  2. Congrats! As a follower of your posts (and someone who has been looking for a house for about a year now), I’m rooting for a smooth construction!! Best of luck.

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