A Beauty Parlor In A Church?

This past weekend I took a client through a new listing. It has a 1967 C of O as a church on the bottom two floors with an apartment (parsonage) on the top two floors. As we were meandering through the church part we saw something odd – a sink from a beauty parlor…

beautician's sink in a churchIt took us a while to figure out why a church would have a beautician’s sink… I’ll give you a hint – it was right next to this big jacuzzi tub…

jacuzzi tub in a churchIf you’re a WASP like me both of those images probably have you stumped. I mean what sort of church would have a 4+ person hot tub and a beautician’s sink just off the main gathering area? Spending time in a hot tub and getting your hair shampooed certainly weren’t part of any religious ritual I experienced as a kid (and I went to church 3 times a week and attended a Baptist/fundamentalist school).

Then it dawned on me… Both the jacuzzi and the beautician’s sink could be used for baptisms – one for complete immersion, the other for sprinkling water on the parishioner’s head.

So the next question is why is there a toilet in the baptismal room? I’m still trying to figure that one out… Anyone have an explanation?

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