We’ve Got Gas!

SEVEN AND A HALF months after first contacting ConEd we are finally getting gas and electric! Yesterday they tore up the street, today they put in gas, and hopefully tomorrow they’ll do electric (rainy days and high voltage electricity don’t mix very well so it couldn’t be done today).

ConEd contractors tearing up street to put in gasMind you, getting gas and electric into the building doesn’t mean we can use the gas and electric – they still have to set up the meters. Julia Angwin had delays with gas service because her plumber didn’t get the gas lines inspected promptly and ConEd wouldn’t install the meters until the inspections were done. Hopefully we can avoid that problem and have heat before the weather drops below freezing.

ConEd contractors tear up street & sidewalkBut the good news is that the big delay is over and hopefully it will be downhill from here on with ConEd – though somehow I think there will be some problem that will crop up – in general, things just don’t go all that smoothly with ConEd.

A Time Warner engineer came by today – they’re going to reroute the wires that are on our building. Unlike ConEd, they have lots of contractors working for them and they’re hungry for work, so it should get done in a week…

Otherwise, they’re continuing to clean the brick, the woodworker is restoring the door, and the A/C guys are working on their stuff that has to be done before the walls are closed up. Unfortunately, there was one room where the A/C drip drain would have gone into the wall directly over an electrical panel, so that took some thinking to come up with another suitable location. And sometime over the past few days the roofing guy got the primer down on the bulkhead – so that’s closer to being water tight as well.

The next big thing that’s coming up soon are radiators…

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