Back Of The House Looking More Complete

Nearly all the windows are in now and the back of the house is looking more complete. Here’s a before picture…

Before shot of the rear of our Harlem townhouse shell

And here’s what it looks like now (in dim light and bright light)… We’re still getting used to the color Dan picked for the rear windows.  😉  In bright light the color is so bright it almost glows. In dim light it’s just cheery. While I probably would have chosen a more conservative color, in a city where everything gets dingy and dirty, I sorta like the brightness.

back of renovated townhouse in dim light back of renovated townhouse in bright light

Needless to say a HUGE improvement over where we started. It’s still not the final look though. We’re adding a deck with a pergola plus fall protection bars on the windows, and a roof deck railing. Here’s the drawing for the deck and pergola…

Deck with pergolaThat’s just 4 of the 5 stories (6 if you count the cellar, 7 if you also count the windows in the bulkhead at the roof deck). Here’s the entire wall from a different perspective – you can see where the deck will go…

Back of townhouse with new windows in place

The dividers in our tilt-n-turns do make your mind think double hung – so that part is true to the objective, though I still wish we didn’t have to have the dividers.

[If you’re wondering, parts of back wall (to the right in the pictures above) still need to be power washed. Long story, but it wasn’t completed when they did it the first time.]

Otherwise there are huge stacks of sheetrock in our place at the moment…

Piles of drywall in a townhouse under renovation

But before they can start putting drywall up they need to finish off all the little stuff – electrical, plumbing, low voltage wiring, etc.

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