IMHO, Christians Aren’t Very Christ-Like

I’ll start by saying there are huge exceptions to what I’m about to say. I completely respect people like Mennonites who genuinely follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. But Christianity has a huge problem right now… As a whole, the most visible Christians are the least Christ-like people around. Athiests and Diests are more Christ-like than most Christians.

According to CNN the more someone goes to church the more likely they are go support torture. Joe.My.God. put it bluntly by asking “Who would Jesus waterboard?” Then answer is NOONE – Jesus was a pasivist. Let me put this bluntly – If you support torture, if you start wars, if you can’t stand to be in the same room as a gay guy, a lesbian or a transsexual – then you’re not Christ-like.

The one time Jesus was somewhat violent was when he threw the money changers out of the temple. Those of you who are Christ-like Christians have a responsibility to throw the modern money changers “out of the temple”. It’s time you stood up and strongly and forcefully renonuce people who are ruining your religion. Get on CNN and tell them point blank that they are not welcome to call themselves Christians – that they need to change their ways or “get out of the temple”.

This is one area where I have a big problem with John Kerry. In the debates he let George W. Bush take the moral high ground. If Kerry had been a real Christian he would have looked Bush straight in the face and said “Jesus would never have started an offensive war in Iraq” and then he would have read the beatitudes to Bush and constrasted the teachings of Christ with Bush’s actions.

I no longer consider myself a Christian – I’m a Diest, but after so many years of religious training I understand what Christ stood for and 9 out of 10 Christians I see on the news are not Christ-like. Would the real Christians PLEASE stand up? Please?

People In Glass Houses

Given how much grief the religious right likes to give gay folk (and others) about being “ungodly”, I’d humbly like to suggest they clean up their own business before throwing stones at others…

Over the last seven days…..

Pastor Robert M. Black busted in internet underage sex sting.
California: Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby arrested for murdering 8 year-old girl.
Texas: Pastor Robert Baker charged with murdering wife.
Virginia: Pastor Ana Paula Almeida charged with rape of 14 year-old.
Tennessee: Church youth volunteer Matthew Jernigan charged with two counts of child rape.
Georgia: Pastor Otis Ray Hope charged in $1.75M bank fraud.
California: Pastor John Bonine pleads guilty 16 counts of child molestation. He was charged with 107 counts.
New York: Pastor Merton Parks charged with possessing child pornography.
North Carolina: Pastor Richard Dent confesses to swindling elderly sisters of $60,000.
Texas: Father Thomas Teczar convicted of molesting 11 year-old boy.
New York: Staten Island Episcopal Rev.
William Blasingame charged with embezzling $85,000 from his parish. He used the money for Botox injections, plastic surgery, prescription drugs, and designer clothes.

…And they say we’re the problem. Ironic.

[Source: Joe.My.God.]